Almost two years ago, I was invited to be on the set when Papa Roach shot the music video for their song Gravity ( The band is from my hometown and the video was shot at a downtown theater. As I listened to them play the song over and over again, this entire book played out in my head. It wasn't your typical sweet love song. No, it was real, it was raw, and it was awesome! I knew it had to be a book. 

This book is my heart and soul. "Provocative Love Stories with a Soundtrack" is my tagline and this story was no different. Music heals my soul and guides me through everything I do. As with other books I've written, I pulled from my own life on parts making it even more personal. I had my own Trevin of sorts years ago and the scene where Lily visits him the first time is exactly what happened when I visited mine in college. Only I didn't have the nerve that she did (no spoilers here.) I ran into him recently and died when a friend said I should have had him sign the book! LOL! Unfortunately mind didn't become a rock star though. Damn. ;-)

Though Papa Roach's song Gravity guided me through the book, Adam Gontier (formerly of Three Days Grace and now Saint Asonia) was my muse for Trevin. I have a slight obsession with Adam and his lyrics. Tie that with his the sound of his voice and I'm a goner. 

I went back and forth between this and the idea of Black Widow and I chose to write Black Widow first because of the "shock factor." I thought a book like that would help build my audience more before a book with very little sex would get noticed. But that was my issue. I felt it had to be perfect because there was no sex to hide the story behind. 

Now don't get me wrong, I'll still write sex but I'll never just write sex for sex. To me, sex has to have a purpose, a reason for being there and this story wasn't that type of book. I want to write what's in my heart — some will be super dirty and some won't. ;-)

To say this book almost broke me would be an understatement. I almost released it in July but had to put it on hold when the kids non-profit science museum that I was trying to open really took off and I had to focus more on that. But everything happens for a reason and this was no different. After the museum opened, I was able to focus on the story, perfecting it, filling any holes and giving you what you see today. 

I hope you enjoy and love Trevin and Lily the way I do.


Gravity is not your normal, sweet romance of childhood friends to lovers. Spanning over twenty years—it’s raw, it’s real, asking the question if soul mates really exist.

At eight years old, the boy next door changed my life. He was the force pulling me toward him despite our differences. It was like magic.
We understood each other, supported each other and in the process became everything to each other.
But in chasing Trevin’s dream, I lost myself along the way.

Through tremendous heartache, she was there. Through fame and fortune, she was there. Loving Lily was the one thing I got right.
Eclipsing her in my shadow, I took from her until she was empty. Now I must do anything to prove I can be the man she wants, no, the man she deserves.