Music is the Doctor

This statement could not be more true to me. It is something my mother has always said to me and I love her for it everyday. She started taking me to concerts when I was really young and it is still my favorite thing to do. I can’t imagine my life without music. I am that mom, in the car, blasting songs and singing at the top of my lungs with my kids. We have a blast in the car and they know all of my favorite songs. Yes, I'm teaching them right!

            The right song can change my mood in an instance. I’m known for breaking down and having a dance party in my kitchen with my kids and husband when the perfect song comes on. I take my kids to concerts and am so upset when a concert is 21 and over. I feel like they should have a clause allowing kids under 10 – knowing there is no way anyone would ever believe they were 21 years old and serve them if they tried. They just want to rock out with their mom and dad.

            Having music in this book was an important part to me, especially Unwritten Law. They are a band that has brought so much joy to mine and my sister’s life. To say we are groupies is an understatement. I mean, look, I wrote a book about them! 

            I originally found Rise Against because they kept playing them on the Unwritten Law Pandora Channel. When I started writing the book and thought of the song Savior I knew it was a perfect fit, and not to mention one of my favorite songs ever. I’ve since fallen in love with all of their music.

            My two other favorite bands are Three Days Grace and Papa Roach.

            I’m also a fan of County Music, Classic Rock and some Rap (thanks to my husband), so I had to include those genres as well. I wanted the music to be able to touch everyone, no matter what genre they were into.

            Below are a few of the important songs that help tell the story of Charlie and Allison.

Music video by Rise Against performing Savior. (C) 2009 DGC Records

This is the song Charlie and Allison first discuss that guides them through the book when they discuss will she love him, hate him or save him.

Unwritten Law's video for "Sing." This video was directed by Daniel Coolahan and appears on the new album, Swan. © 2011 Suburban Noize Records / BreakSilence Recordings. 

This is one of the videos Charlie sends Allison by Unwritten Law.

Music video by Papa Roach performing Leader of the Broken Hearts (Official Music Video). (C) 2013 Eleven Seven Music

This is the video Charlie sends Allison trying to explain how he's lost everyone in his life and will forever have a broken heart.

The video single from the album "Heres to the Mourning" for the song "She Says" by Unwritten Law

Another Unwritten Law song - just because ;-) I wanted to show more of their style of music since "Sing" is a slow song.