Black Widow is on sale for $0.99!!

Black Widow made it to #38 this week on Amazon's top 100 list for Erotic novels! Now's your chance to find out why people are saying: 

"Black Widow by Lauren Runow is a highly erotic, suspenseful tale that will keep you on the edge till the very end with twists and turns I dare you to try and figure out. "

"An intense, suspenseful, erotic ride, Black Widow is the book you read on your kindle and blush when someone tries to read over your shoulder." 

"Holaaaay!!! Losing your cherry to a 'new to you' author isn't always a pleasant experience, but I gotta hand it to Lauren. She knocked this one out of the park...well, more accurately, she knocked the soppin' wet panties right off this one! Good Lord! Black Widow starts out deep and a tad sad. Then, BAM! You're bent over and taking it like the good little book whore that you are! Lauren writes sex like a seasoned pro! Trust me, I read A LOT of smut!"