Nichole was originally named Amber, after my own sister. When my beta readers started reading the first book, Unwritten, they thought I was actually writing about her so I changed her name to Nichole, which is my sister’s name. When I first named her I had no clue she was going to have such a huge part in this book so looking back, I’m glad I changed it.

When I started this book I had a lot of it planned out in my head and when my best friend, Sonia, suggested having a second couple to follow throughout the book I knew his name had to be Paul with dimples to die for because that’s the name of her own hubby and he has the dimples to match. No tattoos though. His name and dimples are the only thing that are like him because come on, that would be weird to write about my best friend’s man like that. LOL!

After I wrote Unwritten my husband wanted to “contribute” in his own way so he made it his personal mission to give me “material” to write about. Some, um, scenes (if you know what I mean) I actually lived through and afterward he would ask, “Did that make your book?” LOL! Love my hubby!

The Fiesta Days actually happens in my hometown and will celebrate its 59th year in 2016.

I wrote the new years scene on new years day and that was the actual WOD we did at my local CrossFit. That’s actually how I got all the workouts they do in both books. They were the ones I did the day I wrote those scenes.


Charlie loves Allison more than life itself. But is his love strong enough to end a part of him?

Allison found the man of her dreams but fate keeps slapping them in the face with new challenges making her wonder if everything really does happen for a reason.

There are decisions to be made, relationships to mend and futures to be told all with one question; is their love strong enough to be rewritten?

*REWRITTEN is the conclusion of the Unwritten Series.